Monday, May 24, 2010

The culmination of my trip.....

Arriving in Budapest at night...a really wonderful experience, all of us up on deck, with cameras flashing, Blue Danuby sort of music playing, etc.....
This will be my last blog from the ship. It seems appropriate that I have at last learned to get the heading at the top of all my pictures. This computer is Hungarian, and has been one of the easiest to handle, but it's been a challenge for me to get the blog done. So.....goodbye for now. next post London, assuming the ash cloud lets me in.


Blogger Rachel J-L said...

Amazing pictures, Mum. I've just caught up on all since the Iron Gates. What an incredible trip! Such a mix of interesting history - from centuries old to recent history. And such diversity in cultures.

You share it all so well in this blog. Perhaps you should become a travel writer?!

much love from me and DN,

5/25/2010 9:37 am  
Blogger Megs said...

oooh, i hope the ash cloud lets you in Mum! Shall pray!! They are all very excitedly awaiting your arrival! It was SO good to see them all! Much love to you, enjoy your grandchildren, and now i am going to look at all these pics of you and AUntie Nancie's adventure, which i haven't been able to do until now as i've been whizzing around in planes, zoom zoom zoom! love, Meg

5/25/2010 1:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed this part of your trip is finishing. I wanted to travel a little further on the river with you!! It was very intersting to hear about the Orthodox church. Have a wonderful time with grandchildren.

Love frm Ann

5/27/2010 6:06 pm  

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