Friday, September 23, 2011

A country walk around Sherborne, Dorset


Blogger Rachel J-L said...

These are great, Mum. Thanks for putting up some pictures of Sam & Becca's new place. I want to know what it's like!
And good to have pictures near Scratchy Bottom, etc, after having 2 cards about it from you (well, David got 2 cards, anyway!) I'll have to show David tomorrow.
How are you going to cope being back in Broady after these glorious hills and cathedrals?!
We're looking forward to having you back anyway.
much love,

9/24/2011 9:28 pm  
Blogger gretta at lothlorien said...

Oh I'll cope!! Am now back in London. Much love

9/24/2011 11:24 pm  
Blogger 2harewood said...

looks like u have had some great day trips

so happy u here in london right now



9/26/2011 4:38 pm  
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