Monday, April 17, 2006

Life in PMQ: Part 2

I hope to get the pics of the Bishop and Victor relaxing up this time - and only once. V is great fun to have around.


Blogger Megs said...

i initially thought DAD was the bishop, when glancing at this pic ... The most honourable reverend doctor bishop david charles jones... !!

4/20/2006 12:04 pm  
Blogger gretta at lothlorien said...

I think "the Hon" is just for MP's. Despite Dad's being vv honourable, tho.

5/05/2006 2:57 pm  
Blogger Ado and Rose said...

Hello dear Gretta,
Lovely to see you have a blog. Your house pics bring back those great memories of times spent with you both. Thanks for the congrats. I'm 17 weeks now. It's all very exciting. love to you both. ooxx

5/12/2006 7:51 pm  
Blogger baker st jones said...

we're hoping to see some farm photos, when you're back. Commiserations to Dad on Essendon so far this year. love TOM.

5/14/2006 6:04 am  
Blogger Megs said...

oh LET'S go down to the farm in December! Our wood stove smells just like the one at the farm and i shut my eyes and imagine i'm there... how LOVELY!

5/15/2006 3:23 pm  
Anonymous anita said...

a wood stove in oz december doesn't sound too appealing

5/16/2006 4:37 am  
Blogger gretta at lothlorien said...

No. But was wonderful in May. Farm photos soon. Am just back from my little op, in 1 (slightly smaller) piece.

5/22/2006 5:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7/21/2006 5:10 pm  

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