Sunday, October 15, 2006

4-Day Bushwalk, NSW/Queensland Border.

Last week, David and I went on a bushwalk, led by Bishop Peter Chiswell, in the Girraween and Bald Rock National Parks. There were 9 of us, including Peter Robinson, who led a Bible Study each morning, on Revelation. Each night we had readings from the v stimulating "The Christ File", and from "Winnie the Pooh." It was quite hard work, but great fun, making new friends, and I was vv proud to gain the top of a very steep rock, called the Pyramid.


Anonymous Sam said...

This walk looks incredible. I'm looking forward to doing a few when we are over, if there is time!

Glad that you're back to blogging Mum! I keep checking on my blog rounds, so it was a lovely treat to come on and have 3 new entries!

10/16/2006 6:43 pm  
Blogger baker st jones said...

we also seem to have come out of our blogging hiatus. Congratulations on the bushwalk, as we say to our little man "good walking".

10/17/2006 4:16 am  
Blogger gretta at lothlorien said...

Yes - even if the 3 entries were all the same!! I don't know where they have been - they've only just appeared on my blog!

11/16/2006 9:22 pm  

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