Sunday, June 03, 2007

Remembering Stephen. 3/6/2007

As it is exactly 20 years since Stephen died, Rachel suggested I scan some photos of him on my blog. So here they are: the last full family photo; in Uncle Paul's milk truck (driving U Paul's milk truck?); and 2 not long before he died, one at Cameron's, and a lovely one with Dad, smiling, a week or so before he died.

More People shots, UK '07

Here's my darling Aunt Martha, in Bangor, Nth Ireland, Plus all my Irish family out to dinner to celebrate Marshall's birthday. (Aunt Martha looks to be celebrating the dessert!) Then Rosy Skinner and Anne Isherwood, at the Clapham Rectory, Sam and Becca in their lovely home, and Anita and Robin and Aileen Beiers, at the Marylebone flat.

Mopping up Edinburgh, plus Cambridge

Here, I hope, is the wonderful statue of Robert Fergusson (poet) in Canongate, Edinburgh, Plus more of Becca and Sam on Salisbury Crag, with the Castle in the background. Then Darling Eddie en route to Cambridge, and Brunswick School , Cambridge - 1st school for Megan and Tom.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Some wedding shots.

These are specially for Cas. I think they are from my camera??

Extra Edinburgh shots

I hopethis will be Sam and Becca on Salisbury Craggs, plus the wonderful statue of the poet, Robert Fergusson, in Canongate.(No, didn't manage that.)

SCOTLAND! At last.

Here are Sam, Becca and I in Edinburgh, in late February. Alexander McCall Smith readers will recognise Valvona and Corolla, and the Cumberland Bar, in Scotland St. Becca and Sam are together on those hills overlooking Edinburgh, which I always called Pentland Hills, but mistakenly. Salisbury Crag?? Maybe. Anyway, we climbed them on our last day. (sorry. That's turned into Becca and me.I'll do another one of Edinburgh) There's also B and S and John Knox, in St Giles Cathedral, where we really enjoyed a service. And Becca in an archway on a walk along the Waters of Leith.

Memories of London, Jan-Feb, '07

This is a rather belated blog of my time in London in Jan and Feb, helping Tom and Anita with their 2 boys, Eddie and new-born Seb. I stayed in a hotel in Marylebone, across the road from their home. You can see it in the snow.